En Suspens

Taking place in our home in a more or less chosen way, the objects that we expose, daily or rare, are settled somehow on shelves or on the corners of furniture. How to give them a real breathing space, a highlight and create a narrative?
En Suspens is a device composed of four main components, in wood and textiles, which are added a video box, wooden supports, a lamp and a window.
From different sizes, furniture work in groups or individually depending on the size and nature of the objects to be displayed and available space in the home.
On the principle of display stand, each furniture, closed, disappears to make room for the exhibited objetcs. Once opened, the colorful padded interior evokes protection of objects, by turns banked or exposed, and dramatizes their staging.

© Joëlle Rigal (photo 1 to 6) and Véronique Huygues